Check out Fount of Wisdom’s step-by-step guide for submitting your publication request. Fount of Wisdom is always looking for culturally and socially relevant works. We can work with you to make your book the high quality piece you want it to be. No need to perfect your work first. That’s what Fount of Wisdom would like to do with you and for you.

1. Why should I work through Fount of Wisdom Publishing House?

There are few people who can devote their full time energies to writing and producing a high quality book. Many writers are busy pastors or leaders. Others are working full time jobs, with no spare time for completing their intended book. Fount of Wisdom can come alongside you in the process, offering the consultation and skills required to publish the kind of book you can be proud of, within a limited amount of time.

2. What are the benefits of publishing through Fount of Wisdom?

  • Professional standards in writing, editing, graphic design
  • Wider distribution possibilities
  • Lessening the possibility of competitive titles and subjects
  • Cooperation with other writers and resource pools
  • Affordable printing costs
  • High quality printing
  • A fair 10% royalty commission on all sales

3. I only have ideas…nothing on paper yet. I’ll drop by FOW when my book is completed.

This is a very common misunderstanding among potential writers. Fount of Wisdom wants to come alongside you in the early stages of writing to help facilitate the procedure. A completed manuscript is NOT necessary. Bring your ideas along, and Fount of Wisdom can help you develop those good ideas into book form.

4. HOW exactly will Fount of Wisdom help me to publish my book?

Good question! Certainly Fount of Wisdom will not “take over” your work. You, the writer, will be involved in every step of the process. As you write, our professionals can help in the editing process, the overall layout of your book, the design of an eye-catching cover, and marketing suggestions. We will spell everything out for you in contract form, giving you the working deadlines that help keep your book on track. The end goal will be a high quality book that sells widely!

5. Does FOW want translated materials or original works?

Another good question! While FOW has certainly published many fine translated works, and will continue to do so in the future, ultimately we desire to assist Cambodian authors produce original thought, culturally relevant, and biblically sound materials! If all you have is an idea, that is just the seed that is needed to produce a book, or a booklet, or even a whole series of books!